You will notice a distinctly comfortable atmosphere when you visit our office. Don’t let this impression fool you - we are unquestionably serious about delivering THE best client service – we just don’t think it’s necessary to display an intimidating aura of arrogance and mystery around our accomplishments on your behalf.

Firm Work Ethic

At EBSTK, we are business people first…then accountants. We:

  • Focus just as much on planning ahead as accounting for the past.
  • Are proud of our work but not arrogant.
  • Never met a challenge we didn’t like.
  • Enjoy socializing as a group outside the office on a regular basis.

Our Employees

EBSTK attracts self-reliant, confident employees well-equipped with the cornerstones of successful client relationships:

  • Dedication to impeccable client service and results
  • Top notch technical expertise in their chosen professional discipline
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills with a genuine interest in their clients

We enjoy well-rounded lifestyles outside the office – this business can be intense, particularly during certain times of the year. It’s important for each employee to enjoy non-work pursuits regularly as a mental refresher.

“Cross Pollination” Among Our Associates

Our people dig deep to find the best solution for each client. Although we value independent thinking and self-reliance, we encourage our employees to consult with the rest of the team to gain additional perspectives through the various backgrounds and experiences. Each employee is confident enough to put a client in touch with another EBSTK associate or a non-EBSTK professional if it best serves the client’s needs.

Our management team profiles illustrate how each EBSTK partner and manager brings a degree of specialization to the practice. Depth of knowledge in key areas differentiates EBSTK as a firm. While specialization is important, we ensure our team’s knowledge base is broadened to develop the business expertise and maturity of all our associates. We accomplish this through regular EBSTK knowledge-sharing meetings. The beneficiaries? Both the employee and the client!


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