KBT&E delivers outstanding results to exceptional clients. We earn the respect of every client we serve by aggressively finding creative ways to contribute in a positive way to their best interests.

We seek exceptional clients who…

are as selective as we are and insist on top notch service and results.

…are willing to partner with us with ongoing two-way communication.

respect our years of practical experience and the depth of our technical expertise.

…are receptive to our advice once we have earned their respect.

appreciate the art of creatively navigating an ever-changing compliance environment for U.S. businesses and individuals.

FIRST, we listen…

…to ensure KBT&E can successfully meet or exceed a prospective client’s needs and expectations. We will recommend other advisors or practices if it serves the best interest of the prospective client.

…to fully understand the nuances of each client’s business or personal financial needs.

We practice the art, not the science of…

…maximizing every client’s profitability, whether by reducing tax-related and other operating expenses, by improving internal controls, or through our profit enhancement services.

…equipping every client with knowledge and tools to participate more actively in planning effectively for the future. There is no “man behind the curtain” at KBT&E – we are always happy to empower our clients by explaining the basis for any of our recommendations. See our Success Stories.

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